Friday, 9 March 2012

Wahai lelaki, sanggupkah anda diperlakukan sebegini?

sumber :

STOMPer SP saw a curious sight on Orchard Road -- a woman was walking a man on a leash.

Wrote the STOMPer:

"Walking the human.

"Spotted a weird couple, a leashed man was seen walking around the Orchard Road area...what the!

"I was walking around doing some shopping when I chanced upon them.

"They were walking from Takashimaya towards Somerset MRT.

"What was amazing is they were very much in their own world.

"They stopped at the smoking bin nearby. The lady started smoking and the guy just stood there while she finished.

"I just thought it was interesting. Haha unusual sight in Orchard Road."

This could well be another one of those silly PR stunts that agencies in Singapore are so fond of doing these days

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