Monday, 5 March 2012

[18+] Kejam, wanita ini dirogol dan dibunuh

On Nov. 3, 1998, Singley purchased three rolls of duct tape, a box of
ammunition which he knew matched a .44 magnum handgun owned by his cousin
Travis Rohrer, a folding lockblade hunting knife and camouflage hunting
gloves at retail stores in the Chambersburg area.

He gained admission to the Rohrer’s Elder Street home by pretending he had
car trouble. He overcame Christine Rohrer, who was alone in the house, and
bound her to her bed with duct tape, also taping over her eyes and mouth.

He then raped her before going into the next room to smoke a cigarette. He
then returned to the bedroom and stabbing Christine Rohrer multiple times
in the chest and neck, causing her death.

When Rohrer’s husband, Travis, arrived home at about 8 p.m., he found
Singley still in the house, brandishing a gun and a knife. In an ensuing
struggle, Travis Rohrer suffered knife and gunshot wounds.

As Singley fled the Rohrer home, he encountered Gilliam and Hock on the
sidewalk. Singley shot Gilliam in the chest, killing him, and fired at
Hock, but missed her.

Singley fled the scene in Christine Rohrer’s Jeep. He was arrested the
next day at his parents’ home in Chambersburg, where he had been living.
The Jeep was found abandoned nearby.

A Franklin County jury recommended execution for Singley after a six-day
penalty-phase trial in January 2001. Jurors rejected claims that Singley
was mentally ill at the time of the crimes.

Singley received a life sentence without parole for the murder of Gilliam,
20 to 40 years for the attempted murder of Travis Rohrer, 10 to 20 years
for the attempted murder of Hock, 10 to 20 years for raping Christine
Rohrer, 3 to 7 years for criminal trespass and 3 to 7 years for stealing
Christine Rohrer’s Jeep.

Franklin County Judge Doug Herman ordered those sentences to be served
consecutively, or until such time as Singley is executed by lethal
injection by the state.

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