Friday, 9 March 2012

Adegan sepasang kekasih bergaduh depan 7 - ELeven

sumber :

STOMPer kai kai was waiting for his bus at Geylang when he suddenly heard shouts. It turns out a couple was fighting -- a woman was struggling to hit a man while he pinned her down on the ground.

The STOMPer tells us more about the incident (June 1):

"I was waiting for the bus at Geylang Lorong 16 last night, around 9 or 10pm and all of a sudden I heard shouts.

"So I went over to take a look and I saw a couple shouting and fighting.

"This was near the 7-Eleven store.

"The woman was punching and kicking the man aggressively yet the men was stopping her.

"The couple also knocked down a rubbish bin during the fight.

"I'm not sure who pushed it down, but it happened while they were pushing each other.

"There were quite a few bystanders watching, but they didn't do anything to stop the couple.

"I think the couple fought for about one minute.

"The man was trying to stop the woman by pinning her to the ground, but she kept trying to attack him.

"The man did not seem to attack the woman.

"I do not know what they were shouting about."

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